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Artificial Intelligence and Public Policy


Edward Hunter Christie


11 June 2021

America’s Approach to Leveraging AI for National Security: Countering China through Coalitions and Standards


Geoff Odlum


13 June 2021

The EU’s New Rules on Artificial Intelligence:

A Risky Endeavour


Dimitar Lilkov


14 June 2021

The IP Protection of AI Inventions


Laurynas Adomaitis & Edward Hunter Christie


5 July 2021

Technical Standards and Great Power Rivalry


Vassilis Theodosopoulos & Edward Hunter Christie


4 August 2021

The EU’s New Dual-Use Regulation:

Export Controls for a New Era


Vassilis Theodosopoulos


23 August 2021

Economics and Technology:

Emerging New Threats


Edward Hunter Christie

9 November 2021

AI for Defence


Edward Hunter Christie

2 December 2021

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